Email Production And Deployment At Scale

Led by the team at InboxArmy, we are the one-stop shop for all your email marketing production needs. Whether you need to develop email templates, deploy automations, migrate to another ESP, manage multiple daily campaigns, or more, we can help you.

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Email Design

You know what you want your emails to accomplish. We know how to design emails that do it. We’ll apply our knowledge of email design best practices to develop aesthetically-pleasing emails that reflect your brand and accomplish your goals.

  • Use email layout, colors, images, and more to maximize
  • Create email designs for newsletters, automations, promotional emails, and more
  • Test emails to work correctly on 40+ email clients, operating systems, and devices

Email Template Coding

Our team will code beautiful email templates that render correctly (even in dark mode), bring your ideas to life, and increase engagement and conversions. And we’re happy to make changes until you’re satisfied, even after delivery of template. We can:

  • Create clean, error-free code that renders properly everywhere
  • Offer quick turnaround times for projects, even overnight if necessary
  • Provide training on how to use and deploy templates in your ESP

Email Copywriting

Want email copy that captivates customers and generates engagement? We combine in-depth experience with a deep understanding of your audience to create email copy that generates opens, clicks, and conversions. We:

  • Employ best practices to craft copy that hooks readers and boosts engagement
  • Create email subject lines, preview text, product descriptions, and more
  • A/B test emails and optimize copy for maximum results

Email Automation

As buyer journeys become complex, it’s crucial to interact with these customers at every touch point. We can help you create, set up, deploy, and optimize these highest-performing programs. Whether you call them drips, journeys, flows, sequences, streams, or anything in between, we do it all. We can:

  • Study buyer journeys and identify high-value automations
  • Create automation triggers, emails, and flows
  • Monitor and optimize automation campaigns for maximum results

Email Render Testing

Tired of emails that don’t render properly in subscribers’ inboxes? Our comprehensive email tests ensure your emails render perfectly on all devices and platforms. We’ll craft and test emails that deliver a consistent and unified brand experience with every interaction. We will:

  • Set up and execute tests to analyze rendering and deliverability
  • Evaluate spam scores and broken hyperlinks
  • Analyze, refine, and optimize based on key variables and critical metrics

Email List Management

The goal of list-building is have a list of engaged subscribers. Our experts will analyze your email list and help you maintain proper list hygiene — providing you with a clean, segmented list of subscribers that enable campaign success. We’ll help you:

  • Collect and segment subscribers
  • Purge lists of inactive and invalid emails for proper list hygiene
  • Analyze and interpret subscriber data to optimize email campaigns

Email Segmentation

Email segmentation is the key to delivering targeted, personalized emails to your audience and exploding your email results. We’ll help your campaigns leverage precise demographic and behavioral targeting to ensure every message triggers according to subscribers’ actions and interests — so you can target the right subscribers with the right offers at the right time. We will:

  • Analyze and categorize subscribers
  • Track and measure performance per segment
  • Adjust segmentation strategy and update segmented lists based on results

ESP Migration & Account Setup

Once you’ve reached a decision on a new email service provider, we can help you smoothly transition and migrate to the new platform. We can:

  • Migrate lists, data, automations, and templates to new platform.
  • Warm up your new ESP to establish a positive sender reputation.
  • Integrate new ESP with your website and other 3rd party systems.

SMS Setup & Execution

Want to tap into the power of SMS texting? We provide SMS campaign setup and execution services, combining powerful segmentation capabilities and detailed analytics tracking to measure results and optimize your messages for maximum impact. We can:

  • Gather and segment contact lists
  • Draft SMS content and CTAs
  • Monitor delivery status and campaign performance metrics

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